We offer a full package of recording services which include engineering and production. Additional services include Doug Hammer as accompanist/musician. Our main recording format is Digital Performer, a hard disk recording system. This system offers tremendous advantages over any tape based system. We also offer 1/2" analog 8 track which can be transferred and edited in the computer as well.

    Dreamworld offers many different kinds of musical production and composition, including jingles, soundtracks for film, TV, video, radio, web, corporate events, theater, skating, and dance. We cover a wide array of musical styles and customize arrangements and original music for each and every project.

    We offer full editing and mastering services to help maximize your tracks. Song sequencing, spacing between tracks, dynamic adjustments and equalization put the final touch on your master.

    We offer CD references of your project and duplication in small batches up to 10 with full labeling. Additional graphic design is also available.

    We can work with you to fully realize your music. Orchestration, musical style, production style, harmony, and song structure are all important elements that contribute to the final production. All of these are included with any recording project.

    Doug Hammer is available for rehearsal sessions. A rehearsal tape can be made for further practicing.

    Consulting is available for studio and musical equipment help (setup and purchase decisions) and Apple Macintosh systems (setup, configuring, operating, repair, and purchase decisions).

    One on one classes are available on a variety of subjects: recording, production, engineering, MIDI sequencing, sampling and synthesis, digital editing, microphones and technique, and sound reinforcement.

Graphic Design
    Full graphic design services are available in a variety of formats including CD’s, posters, postcards, websites, brochures, logos etc...